Educational situation in Community Psychology in Spain

Herrera-Sánchez, Isabel María (2018). Presentación del Comité Permanente de Psicología Comunitaria de la EFPA (Presentation of the Standing Committee on Community Psychology of EFPA). Boletín SCEPS, 15. Available in:

Community psychology in higher education: results of a survey and discussion of the basic competency approach.

Roehrle, B., Akhurst, J., Carr, N., Sanchéz, I. M., Arcadiacono, C., Lawthom, R., Stark, W., EFPA Standing Commottee on Community Psychology. Journal of Community Psychology and Applied Social Psychology, 30(5), 494-507. https//    (download on the left)

Portraits in Community Psychology across Europe (Serdar. M. Degirmencioglu)   (link on the left)

Mapping Community Psychology in Europe

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